About Me

I have been working in the Information Technology industry for over 30 years, starting out when the (then) new desktop computers were sold with the original version of Microsoft Windows™.

The industries I have supported through work have included Financial, Oil, Media, Communications, Governmental and Pharmaceutical (to name only a few).

While working in Information Technology, the way I interact and use computers & technology has changed.

Over the last 30 years I have observed much the same changes with how the people around me have also altered their interaction and use of technology –  both at work and at home. This can be seen from the computer tools that we can use in the office, to how we use them, to how the results can be presented to us, right through to online meetings and the social aspects of digital technologies (that, particularly at present, have become an essential and everyday part of our lives).

I may be older, now 50 rather than the 20 year old who first started this journey! But I feel my career is about to take another twist, an experience which is positive in itself as it allows for growth and evolving.

Change is the only universal constant.

It is this twist that is giving me a new dimension to my thinking and the opportunity to research a subject that has been important to me for many years.

And that dimension is not the technology, but the people.

If you read my first blog, I discuss ‘me’ and why I am doing this.

In the short months from writing that initial blog, the research I am doing has changed.

It has organically evolved from the technical side of unemployment to the perceptions of people in connection with technical or computer automation.

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