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What Is the Intentional behaviour Model?

What does it do? and how can it be of use? Introduction We all have behaviours, and these can be either physical or cognitive, subtle or conspicuous. Physically behaviours could be as simple as scratching your head when thinking or lightly tapping your finger on the desk when listening to someone you disagree with.  Cognitive […]

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Can we learn from the past?

The question for this blog; An exploration of the Keynes Vs Heyak debate hosted at the London School of Economics (LSE) and BBC Radio 4  in July 2011.  The debate was about the contrasting economic theories of the two economic thinkers, and what actions Governments could and did undertake to mitigate the financial crisis of […]

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A Portrait of the Potential Effects of Covid 19

(Will technology allow us to continue working from home and not the office Introduction I am writing this in week 9 of the ‘lockdown’ in the United Kingdom –  being advised by the government to social distance, and limit the time we spend outside the house. So what has this to do with Technological Unemployment […]