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Can Artificial Intelligence Create? In the eyes of the law?

Introduction On the 23rd of September 2021, the BBC reported on a ruling from the UK Appeal Court that upheld the rejection of two patent applications to the UK Intellectual Property Offices (IPO).  The two applications were made by Stephen Thale, and were rejected because the inventor was named as an AI system, which Stephen […]

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What Is the Intentional behaviour Model?

What does it do? and how can it be of use? Introduction We all have behaviours, and these can be either physical or cognitive, subtle or conspicuous. Physically behaviours could be as simple as scratching your head when thinking or lightly tapping your finger on the desk when listening to someone you disagree with.  Cognitive […]

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A Short Blog

This is a short blog, and more of an update really to say that the research aim has been agreed upon with the university and is as follows; ‘Examine and interpret workers perceptions of job security within the white-collar service and experience economies, when tasks or groups of tasks are technologically automated.’. These objectives the […]

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Can we learn from the past?

The question for this blog; An exploration of the Keynes Vs Heyak debate hosted at the London School of Economics (LSE) and BBC Radio 4  in July 2011.  The debate was about the contrasting economic theories of the two economic thinkers, and what actions Governments could and did undertake to mitigate the financial crisis of […]

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‘How Americans see automation and the workplace in 7 charts’ – (Geiger 2020)

A balanced view of an emotive subject? Introduction ‘How Americans see automation and the workplace in 7 charts’  Well, a snappy and concise title. (and yes…. there are 7 charts). So what is the author of this article trying to achieve?   The article investigates an American view of what technological automation and the workplace could […]

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Examining perceptions of Threat

“Who perceived automation as a threat to their jobs in the Metro Atlanta?: Results from the 2019 Metro Atlanta survey’ Introduction Atlanta Georgia in the southern United States has for the last few years performed a survey where they ask randomly selected residents within the 10 counties of the city of Atlanta to answer a […]

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Perceived job security in light of technological task automation – My MSc Thesis

I have been researching employees perceptions of job security, in light of past technological task automation, and the perceived implementation of new technological task automation, and this research was the reason I set up this blog, to continue my exploration of the subject. As part of that MSc, I have been researching technological unemployment – […]

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Moravec’s Paradox – Who, What, When and Where and let’s also ask Why ?

‘What are you talking about?’ might be your question, closely followed by ‘this had better be interesting!’ Well, I hope it will be. It is certainly interesting to me, for many different reasons. I was reading an article named “Why the majority are wrong about Technological Unemployment” – you know, my usual Saturday night reading. […]

Covid-19 Revisited General Working from Home Working in a Pandemic

A portrait of the potential Effects of Covid-19 on business

An update 10 months later Introduction I had envisaged writing this follow-up article in December 2020, but as the situation with lockdowns had not altered, and that no return to normality had been published, and the British Government was still promoting working from home, shielding ourselves and protecting the NHS, but the year anniversary of […]

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A Portrait of the Potential Effects of Covid 19

(Will technology allow us to continue working from home and not the office Introduction I am writing this in week 9 of the ‘lockdown’ in the United Kingdom –  being advised by the government to social distance, and limit the time we spend outside the house. So what has this to do with Technological Unemployment […]